The war of 1000 years.

The balance of power has shifted. The evil prevails. Hundreds of years have passed, and they just keep getting stronger. What has transpired to empower those who would not normally possess the strength of will to overcome the forces of good? Justice alone should strengthen those who fight the unjust. Good always wins, doesn’t it? So what are the gods thinking??

You can feel it can’t you. They are coming. They are winning. You have no where to turn.

The idea for this champaign began on Free D&D day 2008. The players rolled up their characters, but the DM was not inspired. He had faith though, faith that chaos would reveal the path. The players presented their characters, and the world unfolded. Two paladins, a cleric, a warlock all Good. One underhanded evil. How can I role play that? Aw.. a spy. Thus the great war began.

It came to me suddenly, but clearly. They began their journey long into the war, where the forces of good have been oppressed. The war has gone on for hundreds of years, and everyone who is good, and righteous have been forced into fighting for what they believe in. The characters wake under seige. Their camp wiped out by the enemy. Only a few survive. The last thing they know were the new orders describing some relic that may have been empowering the forces of evil. Could this be it? They must know. They must try to get to that relic. So they begin.

The 1000 Year War

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