M'Dorrin Steelhelm


Born in a small fishing village named Raven’s Reef, M’Dorrin was the only son of Krias the Watcher, a simple farmer and Y’ann Summerflame, a Druidess whom his father met in the forest North of Raven’s Reef. The two met when Krias was hunting for his dinner. While hunting, Krias had stumbled upon a sleeping Viper. Upon the startled awakening, the viper struck Krias. The venom was quite powerful and Krias would have perished had it not been for the swift healing actions of the Druidess, Y’ann. After that, M’Dorrin’s parents spent long hours together, Y’ann showing Krias how to keep his crops the freshest and healthiest and Krias doting on her most affectionately. M’Dorrin was the fruit of their love and they cherished him very much.

M’Dorrin, at an early age developed a penchant for helping people. When he was just 8 years old, he rescued one of the village’s younger children from being carried away by a ravenous wolf. The two were playing on the outskirts of town when M’Dorrin’s friend, Druarden fell and broke his ankle. Before Druarden could move, the beast was nearly upon him. M’Dorrin stout-heartedly picked up a thick tree branch and swung it at the creature as best as he could. It knocked the creature back and M’Dorrin stood over his friend and fended the wolf off for nearly twenty minutes before the creature gave up and finally went back into the forest. After that, M’Dorrin aided Druarden back home where Druarden immediately began recounting the tale to anyone who would listen.

“It was as if the Gods were helping him swing the branch,” Druarden exclaimed, “He saved my life, papa! M’Dorrin protected me!”

That night, as M’Dorrin slept, he dreamt of a great Platinum Dragon.

“M’Dorrin,” the Dragon spoke, “you have done a very brave and self-less thing this day. I will be watching you, son and you will have my blessings. You will be a great man one day, M’Dorrin Steelhelm.” p. The next morning, M’Dorrin relayed the dream to his parents in a very confused state. He was scared, yet elated at the same time because in his heart, he knew he’d had a vision.

“Yes,” his mother explained, “that is the Benevolent God of Dragons, Bahamut, my son. He spoke to you in your dreams. He spoke to me in my dreams as well. He told me that he was very proud of you. You must not take his message lightly, M’Dorrin. Bahamut has now set you on a path, and you must follow it. Have faith, my son, in yourself and Bahamut, for He now watches over you and has given you a great Destiny to fulfill.”

“How do I fulfill it, Mama?” M’Dorrin asked.

“You must just follow your heart, son,” Krias explained, “Bahamut sees all things and knows all things. He knows what’s in your heart. All you have to do is follow that. If it leads you the way it did when you saved Druarden, I think you will always be in Bahamut’s favor. As you will always be in our hearts.”

From that day forth, M’Dorrin set his mind to finding all knowledge about the Dragon God and doing his best to do the right things. As he grew into a strong young man, M’Dorrin decided that it would be best for him to leave his home and find more who could tell him more of Bahamut. His parents, saddened to see their only son go off on his own, still allowed him to leave, knowing that if they stood in the way of where M’Dorrin’s heart was leading him, they stood in the way of the Great Bahamut. p. He was thirteen the day he left home, and on that day, Druarden, his best friend met him at the village gates. p. “You’re leaving now, huh?” Druarden asked. p. “Yes,” M’Dorrin explained. “I have a need to explore and see what is out there. I know there is something more I can do to help people that remain here tending to my father’s crops.”

“I’m leaving, too,” his friend said, “I was speaking to a Bard that was passing through the other night and he was telling me about this Great War that has been going on for centuries. He told me about how it is a great battle of Good versus Evil and that the Evil is beginning to tighten its hold.” “I’ve heard that, too,” M’Dorrin said, “but what can two farmers’ sons do in a war? Fetch water for the soldiers?” “No, they can BECOME soldiers and fight for what is right!” “I do not believe that is where I am needed,” M’Dorrin said humbly, “I had another dream last night and once again the Great Dragon God, Bahamut came to me. He told me that I must first travel to the North.” “What’s to the North?” Druarden asked. “I don’t know,” M’Dorrin said, “but it is where Bahamut wishes me to go and so to the North I will head.” “Well,” Druarden said, “far be it from me to stand in the way of a God’s Will. I, however, and heading to the East where they are consigning more men for the battalions. I will be a soldier, M’Dorrin! I will be brave and stead-fast, just as you are. It is now my chance to defend the helpless from the wolves. But, before you go, brother, know this; no matter where you go, no matter how far away you travel or how long you are gone, remember that you always have someone you can turn to in the human world. Someone who will be by your side and fighting with you in a heartbeat if you should need it. I will always be there for you M’Dorrin. I will always be your friend.” “Friend,” M’Dorrin said, “No, you will always be as a brother to me, Druarden and I thank you for your kind words.” With that, M’Dorrin left Raven’s Reef and headed North. To the North, M’Dorrin found was a large Temple dedicated to Bahamut. There, the clerics of the temple told M’Dorrin about the Great Dragon God and His beliefs. M’Dorrin told the clerics about what had happened during his childhood with the wolf and the dream thereafter. The clerics told him that perhaps Bahamut had placed M’Dorrin on the path to Paladinhood. M’Dorrin had heard only vague stories of what a Paladin was, so the priests of the temple took him to meet the Paladin Dagon the Stouthearted. Dagon was at the temple passing through on his way to aid in the Great War. He was helping some of the priests reconstruct a wall of the temple. When the priests led M’Dorrin around to the side Dagon was helping, all M’Dorrin saw was a mountain of glistening golden armor. Dagon stood a massive 7 feet tall and just seemed to exude a greatness M’Dorrin could only dream about. As he got closer to the Paladin he could feel the agitation and fear in his heart subside. It was as if it were washed away by the very presence of this figure. When Dagon turned, M’Dorrin saw a kind, yet stern face marred by many battles. A lone scar made its way from the top of Dagon’s left eyebrow down across the bridge of his nose and down to the bottom right side of his jaw. “Wow,” M’Dorrin breathed, not being able to hold back his awe, “how’d you get the scar?” Dagon exploded with a hearty laugh that drove itself from the depths of his belly. “You waist no time, young one,” Dagon smiled running his finger along the scar, “This mark of honor was given to me in battle with the Dark Lord Naigun. His sword was made of the darkest midnight and when it pierced my flesh, the wound it left could never be completely healed. It was no match for my blade however, as I struck him down with Bahamut’s wrath.” “You killed him?” “Yes,” Dagon explained, “An evil like Naigun’s cannot be allowed to spread. If it is, it will fester and it will envelop and blight everything good that is on this plane.” “So, a Paladin protects all that is good?” M’Dorrin asked innocently. “Exactly,” Dagon said, “A Paladin must be a symbol of all that is good, virtuous and right in the world. And he must be willing and able to smite the most wretched evils he comes across in his travels to uphold the good of the people as well as the Will of his God. You there, good Cleric, you’re placing that stone too far inward. If you push it further in, it will be locked in place more steadily with the mortar. Do you wish to know more of Paladin hood lad?” “Yes,” M’Dorrin said excitedly, “I would be most willing to learn anything you had to teach me, sire.” The Clerics then explained to Dagon of M’Dorrin’s childhood and dreams of Bahamut’s messages. “Well,” Dagon explained, “it would appear that The Great Dragon God, Bahamut has led you to me, and I to you. We cannot let his wishes go unanswered. What is your name, lad?” “M’Dorrin Steelhelm, sire.” “From this day forward, M’Dorrin, you will now squire me and learn the ways of a true paladin of Bahamut. It will not be an easy task, but if you persevere, study, train and do all that I say without question, you will one day find yourself in Bahamut’s service as well. What say you?” “When do we start?” M’Dorrin asked. “Right now, lad,” Dagon explained. “More hands make for lighter labor. You must help with the rebuilding of this wall.” After helping rebuild the decaying temple, M’Dorrin travelled with Dagon on many errands and quests and along the way, Dagon tutored M’Dorrin in the arts and ways of being a Paladin. M’Dorrin was the picture of the perfect pupil and the pride of Dagon wherever they went. He shined Dagon’s armor, polished and sharpened his sword, fed his great steed, Oberon. Dagon taught him to master the sword and the shield. He taught him the finer points of armor and tactics. M’Dorrin learned quickly the art and skill of combat from the skilled older Paladin. He learned about riding a horse into combat and using it as an advantage not merely as a mode of transportation. Dagon also taught M’Dorrin the prayers needed for rituals to their God and tutored him in the teachings of Bahamut. M’Dorrin gladly did everything that Dagon asked, even at times when he felt it unnecessary or over bearing. Dagon noticed when M’Dorrin was feeling this way and explained to him that the things he asked of M’Dorrin were not out of spite or to be overly demanding. “A Paladin’s duties require great discipline and fortitude. As a Paladin you will be required to do things that will test your resolve. You will be pitted against all types of evils. Between a Baron of a Village acting as a tyrannical executioner or a ravaging Vampire praying on innocence. And a Paladin must face each of these evils with a backbone forged from the toughest mythril, and a heart as pure as the most flawless jewel. You must take to your chores I give with the same resolve. You must tackle everything put in front of you with every ounce of your being and with the faith that The Great Dragon God, Bahamut will be there to aid you. If you don’t, then when you face the evil before you, you’re back will break and your heart will sink into dark despair and Bahamut’s gaze will leave you. And that, young one will freeze you to your very essence. Do you understand?” “Yes, sire,” M’Dorrin said, “I promise to do my best for you and for The Great Dragon God.” M’Dorrin spent five years under the tutelage of Dagon. When he turned eighteen, Dagon told him that it was time for M’Dorrin to take upon himself a quest given to him by Bahamut. The quest would lead him down the path to becoming the great man and Paladin that M’Dorrin longed to be. “How will I know what the quest is?” M’Dorrin asked Dagon one night as they made camp. “Tonight,” Dagon explained, “you must sit in complete devotion to the Great Dragon God, Bahamut. You must do nothing else but pray to Him. If He deems you worthy, He will send you a vision. It will not be straightforward, for the Gods never work that way. It will be a vision you must discern the meaning of on your own. If you can discern the dream, then you are worthy of the quest in Bahamut’s eyes.” After they had supped, M’Dorrin began his prayers. Dilligently, he knelt with the holy symbol of Bahamut pressed to his breast and sent his devotions to the Dragon God. The passage of time mattered little to him as he kept his vigil. In his prayers he saw a great city, in that city he saw a King on his throne hearing the petitions of an armored clad soldier. M’Dorrin could not hear anything, only see; the people were gathering in the city square, more soldiers were there and they were taking older boys and young men from the crowd. Then, his vision stretched over a vast landscape taking him miles and miles over the earth to what looked to be a camp. Tents were strewn out and in an orderly fashion. Squires were reading weapons, soldiers were adorning their armor and weapons. They were getting ready for battle. Then the vision zeroed in on one tent, it’s scarlet curtains billowing in a breeze as a young familiar face stepped into the light. It was aged, but M’Dorrin knew the face well. His old friend Duarden. Duarden looked well, battle hardened, but well. He moved to his mount, chin up and placed his helmet over his head. Just then, the vision shifted once again and M’Dorrin was again in the city, watching an old man sit near the doorway of an inn. Just behind him, M’Dorrin could make out the name of the inn; The Platinum Dragon. M’Dorrin’s eyes opened with a start. He looked around the camp only to notice that Dagon had gone, but all of M’Dorrin’s equipment was left. The sun was high in the sky and the warmth of a new day rained down on M’Dorrin’s face. As he rose from his prayers, he noticed a parchment on laying on his bedroll. He reached down, picked it up and unfurled it.

My dear, M’Dorrin, You’ve been in prayer for two days. Well done, lad. I have left you with all the Provisions you will need for the first leg of your journey. The rest is up to you. I have taught you all that I can. It is now up to Bahamut to continue your Education. Trust in Him, M’Dorrin and he will never steer you wrong, Believe in Him and he will never fill you with doubt, Have faith in Him and he will always give you strength. You will be a great Paladin one day, my son. I can feel it. Until Bahamut brings us to one another again. Your Friend, Dagon

The vision led M’Dorrin to the city of Clouds Spire, where he was enlisted into the army along with the temple of Bahamut there. Thus he began his campaign in the Great War.

M'Dorrin Steelhelm

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