Gata Vahn



Living in the mystical grove, Meyrvia; off from the world, Gata Vahn, in his young days, quickly began to tire of the typical days of his collony. always being a bit of an outcast due to his uncanny abilities, with his kin being skilled in the arts of magic and religion. He, having no magical talent what-so-ever, would often break off from them to wander and find something…more. Never finding such a thing; he, one day, told his family he would be leaving. An argument arose, his father telling him if he tried to leave he would be killed. Ignoring this, the next day, Gata left; expectedly being confronted by patrol; after a few quick blows to their stomach, he left.

Traveling for days, he never found his way out; eventually being confonted by Ras Leer, the elder. “What are you doing?” he asked in his wispy voice, Gata could tell it was fading; the time for him to be replaced was soon, it was saddening. Ras had been one of the few people, aside from his family, who would ever speak to him as more than a pile of dirt. “I… Don’t know… I can’t take this anymore… I-” “Do not go on, I’ve always known you would be curious to the world beyond..” “Yea…” Ras stared mysteriously into Gata’s eyes for several moments; finally speaking “Well I can see that you are eager to le-” “Wait.. you’re not going to stop me?” The old man smiled knowingly “Corellon has sent you into his stream of life, like pollen into the winds. Who am I to interupt his graceful plan of life? I merely pray you sprout life through-out your travels” “I will try si-” “Do not try boy.. simply do…” He stared into the sky. “Ahh yes, the sun is falling.. I believe I have used up too much of your time with my old words. Before you go, I wish to present you this.” He pulled out a rapier. “This is usually only presented as a gift to the graduates of the Academy, but I believe you may need it.. And alas, we must part ways” Ras approached a tree and whispered something into it’s stump. The tree then split in two, revealing a window out of the Grove; it was dawn there. Ras winked, feebly, at Gata and began to walk towards the town. The wind seeming to blow away his very essence as he walked. “Thank you…” Gata said almost to himself; he then preceeded to leave the Grove.

For years after, Gata learned the ways of the world. Hoping to fufill his duty to Corellon, he would do good at whatever chance he got. One night, in his dreams, monsterous raven came to him in his dreams “Do not be afraid young one.. I have received word Corellon has failed your home, your kin are in my care now.” The raven bent down to stroke the side of Gata’s face, then stalked off; All of his former brothers and sisters following in tow. Gata then awoke in a cold sweat, nearly panicing “What just happened?” He thought. “It was just a dream ri-?” That moment an elf barged into his room and blasted him with energy. Clutching onto conciousness Gata heard the elf say “you’ve betrayed us to the outside, die..” He raised his hands, blasting another ray into Gata’s chest. In a dream-like world again, Gata saw the raven once more “Do not be afraid… go back… bring him into my care…” It said in a voice that seemed almost in his head. The bird began to sing a beautiful tune, a golden wisp pouring from her mouth; the wisp formed to his semblance and charged at Gata. The next thing he knew; he was in his room once more; the elf hanging over him. in only a few moments Gata grabbed his rapier and ran it through the elf’s heart killing him there. Grabbing his things and leaving the body, Gata left the inn to head to distant lands.

Years later, Gata found of a battle; believing this was the will of what he knew as the Raven Queen.. He joined the army, assending through the ranks and an insane pace. He helped them as they needed, always looking for that something more…something to fill this… void…

Gata Vahn

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